Who we are

The nonprofit organization Kultklecks e.V. currently has more than 20 members from different parts of Germany who engage in very different ways. On this page, some members introduce themselves and describe who they are, what they exactly do at Kultklecks and what motivates them.

Stefan Nandzik (Chairman of the Board)

My role is the management of the nonprofit Kultklecks. This is to define medium-, long-and short-term goals as well as to activate the existing members and to win new ones. My responsibility also is the financial planning and accounting, the communication with authorities as well as the administration of the memberships, projects, and information about the nonprofit.
In addition to my volunteer involvement at Kultklecks I work in marketing for an U.S. company that sells IT infrastructure solutions. I 'm interested in creativity research, computer science, and various business topics. I read a lot, play guitar, like to write, and enjoy good food.
I co-founded Kultklecks, since I have experienced active expression of creativity as one of the most live-enhancing things within all of my professional and private life. I would like to pass this knowledge on to other people.

Holger Hespelein (Head of Public Relations, Assistant Chairman)

Professionally, I am working in corporate communications, but privately I am already engaged with art for many years. Kultklecks gives me the opportunity to combine the two aspects in an elegant way. As head of public relations, I ensure that as many people learn more about the idea of the organization and about its exciting art projects. At some point I will also grab the brush myself: Why leave all the fun to professional artists?

Bianca Nandzik (Leading Artist)

As an art therapist and social worker I finished my PhD in 2012 at the Institute of Art Education of the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich. I’m also artistically active and have specialized in mural painting. In my work at Kultklecks I practice a different kind of painting that focuses more on fun and creativity. The project participants usually have very different skills and experiences with art. My job is to encourage and support each individual’s personal development. During the project the creative potential of the group emerges. Especially the various forms of expression and, of course, the community experience fascinate me.

About Kultklecks e.V.