Mural Key


César Chavez (1927-1993)

César Chávez fought for better working conditions and higher wages as founder of the United Farm Workers. 1966 Chávez led the legendary protest march of the Californian farm workers from Delano to Sacramento (340 Miles). He encouraged Americans to boycott grape companies to protest against the usage of pesticides to which farm workers were exposed daily. 1988 he went on a 36-day hunger strike to win the public for his issues.


Michelle Obama (1964-today)

The current First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama planted a garden on the ground of the White House with school children from Washington. Through this she promoted healthy food, sustainable agriculture and self-sufficiency for challenging times. Obama does not only want to support her own family with the planted vegetables and fruits but also the nearby soup kitchen Miriam's Kitchen. Through the example of the Presidential Garden local community gardening networks should be encouraged and the harvest should be made available for local communities.


George Washington Carver (1864-1943)

George Washington Carver is famous as a botanic and agriculture scientist for his research on the many uses for peanuts, sweet potatoes and other plants. As an advocator for sustainable agriculture Carver taught former slaves planting techniques for self-sufficiency. For that he used economically reasonable and socially responsible measures to design and plant gardens. Through his scientific insights and many talents in the creative field he acted as a sharp contrast to the negative stereotype of a lower intelligence of the Afro-Americans.


Healthy Barbecue

The images at the entrance show everyday family life. Barbecuing is one of the most popular free-time activities in the US. As a healthy and low-calorie alternative to steaks and sausages the father barbecues vegetables on his grill while his wife and son show that healthy food from the community garden of the Bethlehem Church can be fun.