Goals, Facts and Figures

Mosaik Workshop

Project name:
Mosaic for the 750th town anniversary

Project goals:

  • Provide information of the
    town's history
  • Beautification of the market square
  • Increase the quality of life in Downtown
  • Foster creative skills of participants

Partner organization:
Town of Stavenhagen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Leading artists:

Bianca Nandzik
Wesley Horn

Project manager of the partner organization:
David Schacht, Manager of the Building Department

Project participants:
Cindy Kunitz, Tom Kunitz, Marita Kunitz, Anja Heßler, Luca Heßler, Ralf Strempel, Peggy Nikelski, David Schacht, Marianne Richter, Amelie Richter, Dieter Kunitz, Karla Rentsch

Wall Size:
50 sqft, exterior wall at the market square

27.08.2014 - 05.09.2014

Via fundraising managed by Kultklecks e.V.

Mosaic for the 750th Town Anniversary, Stavenhagen, Germany, 2014