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The mural shows a family that reads in books on a couch. The books inspire with fireworks of exciting stories and give creative impulses. Letters are flying out of the books and transform into popular characters from children's literature. These were designed by the students of the Fritz Reuter Primary School. More than 50 designs were submitted by children, including the fictional character Ottokar, which was well-known in the German Democratic Republic, and the extremely popular Olchies. The letters become a phrase which describe the motto of the library, "Where the word lives." Some of the most important German writers and Nobel price laureat in Literature regard with favor on the family. You can see Thomas Mann, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Herta Müller, Friedrich Schiller, Nelly Sachs, Hermann Hesse, and the regional well-known poet Fritz Reuter, who also owed Stavenhagen their prefix 'Reuter Stadt'.

The director of the public library Janett Will explains the significance of the mural for the library, "Where you live, you are at home. This means feel comfortable, relax and enjoy. Our library is to be a home for all who want to self-educate, learn, or just simply want to relax. The mural also shows this home for the whole family from children to adults. As in a real family, there are role models and friends. The models for the visitors should be the depict authors and Nobel Prize winners."