Goals of the Project

Raffael Mueller planing with his students

The mural project has been initiated as a part of the HIV/AIDS prevention work at Kwansakrom Ada Junior High School. It allowed the students to look into the subject HIV/AIDS. The resulting mural will remind students, parents and others of the omnipresent threat of AIDS and encourages reasonable actions. Working with oil paining at the wall has been a special experience for the youths as they did not yet have much exposure to art.

Through dealing with the subject HIV/AIDS the students developed new ideas and an awareness for their own actions. During the project they gained new experiences through hands-on exercises. The creative design of the mural allowed the youths to get involved with AIDS education and to increase attention for the subject in their surroundings.

Project Goals in Detail:

  • Create awareness and educate about HIV/AIDS
  • Use the media "mural" as an access to people (also illiterates)
  • Increase communication of the subject in personal surroundings
  • Encourage conscious sexual behavior
  • Create respect and solidarity for HIV positives and AIDS victims
  • Promote the idea of creating art to the participants